"Spit your game, talk your shit" but KillA Villa IS


Fresh off the success of their custom Wu Tang "Cream" kit, New York based creative brand Killa Villa turned heads again with the limited drop that takes the nickname of the Notorius B.I.G. .The illest kit, rightfully named, is laid out on an adidas canvas and comes in a variation of black, red, and white. We asked the Killa Villa team about the new kit, their brand, and the creative life. Read the interview below:

HFC- Tell us a little bit about how football has been a part of your life?

Did you play it, grow up with it, watch it?

KILLA VILLA- Football is more than ‘part of our life’. Football is like a language and a way for a lot of people to express themselves whilst also forgetting about everything else that is going on. We play it, we’ve grown up with it and we watch it it's fucking dope man.

HFC- What was the inspiration behind starting Killa Villa?

KILLA VILLA was inspired by our respect and admiration for artists and ballers worldwide. We say 'It’s a Rags-to-Riches Thing’ because of the symbiotic relationship between Hip Hop and Football. A lot of Hip Hop artist had crap upbringings and yet they made it to the top of their game, and it’s exactly the same with the top ballers.

HFC- How has Killa Villa changed since it’s inception?

Killa Villa- Not much has changed, we still doing what we doing it’s all good.

HFC- Tell us about the process that goes into developing your next product? Where do you start from, how does it evolve?

Killa Villa- It’s gunna sound crazy but Hip Hop is so loved that developing the product is easy, we’ve just found a perfect recipe, what’s better than football & music right?

HFC- What challenges do you face with your brand/business
and creating your pieces?

Killa Villa- It’s hard starting out with not a lot of cash, but you just start small. If your product is good then all you need to do is keep working hard.

HFC-What other football creatives’ work do you enjoy?

Killa Villa- We have a big network between us, we love all the football inspired illustrators that are getting serious heat right now. @Scott_Mcroy did a piece that Ronaldinho re-posted the other day - enough said! We’ve tried reaching out to other guys who do a similar thing to us but we didn’t get much love! Maybe they need to smoke a joint and chill…

HFC- Your Notorious creation turned quite a few heads; did the creations popularity or media attention in football circles surprise you?

Killa Villa- Not really, our Wu ‘Cream’ jersey set the bar we’ve seen those tops on ebay and everything. Biggie was a obvious one for us because he’s the King and people love the King.

HFC- We assume you're a connoisseur of hip hop music; who is your all-time favourite artist? Album?

Killa Villa- Biggie - Ready to Die

HFC- Outside of working on Killa Villa, what are your favourite things to do?

Killa Villa- Play ball, smoke weed, spin a record and people watch.

HFC- Simply put, what's next?

Killa Villa Let’s just say that when we said the Wu ‘Cream’ jersey turned a lot of heads. We meant it!

To buy the illest kit by Killa Villa, and to stay in tune with their next launch, follow them HERE and visit their store HERE! Cheers crew!