02.16.2018 TORONTO

One thing is for certain, football is growing within Canada- strengthened by the diverse people and a strong First Love for the beautiful game, something Emily notes is rooted deep in the veins of Inaria's brand: "For Toronto specifically, the history of the game is so ingrained throughout so many existing cultures, the opportunity really is how to bring it all together in a way that defines what Canadian football culture is specifically. So for us, yes, we want to connect deeper with players, fans, and clubs in a way that’s meaningful and bridges the gap between the game and everyday life. For us, that’s culture."

On February 16th 2018, Canadian football brand Inaria presented a love letter to football in the form of a kit: First Love. In partnership with LA artist Geoff Gouveia First Love is Issue 5 of Inaria's Kit Closet. Speaking with Emily Montgomery, a managing partner at the brand, we dug deeper into the inspiration behind the kit "First Love is the idea that anything is possible with a desire to dream. Geoff’s art illustrates the emotions, the ups & downs through the game, but they also translate to whatever your first love is; a person, a sport, a business."

With a Valentine's colour scheme that represents the ups and downs of First Love, the kit's shape also pays homage to purists of football, who love the game in it's simplest form. "As far as silhouette (style of jersey) we wanted something classic, supremely football, but somewhat modern and scalable at lifestyle" Emily notes. While the kit is influenced heavily by the theme First Love, there is also a celebration to be had for the Inaria brand, "First Love is the theme of this year, referencing the time of year (V day of course), but mainly it’s a tribute to why it all began for us back in 1999. 2018 marks one year of us taking our brand back private, so for us it’s a celebration of a few things; our independence, the passion that drives us everyday, & ultimately the love of the game, (For Freedom, For Love, For Football)." States Emily proudly. The driving passion behind the company and the Kit Closet culminated in an event at Inaria HQ in Toronto which featured many members of the North American football community.

Issue 05 of the Kit Closet displayed a bridge in the creative gap of the Canadian Football market, one that we hope Inaria, and others, will continue to build as we bask in a World Cup year. Signing off, Emily of Inaria notes "We’re definitely focused on providing players and clubs with the opportunity to brand themselves in a way that’s as unique as they are, so they feel closer to their club & the game that unites us all. But football fans & kit collectors alike should definitely bookmark the Kit Closet, that’s where we really get to team up with other creators and flex our imaginative muscles." // FOLLOW INARIA HERE